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Ever wondered what "abstract/abstraction" in art means? Why make abstract art, what is the driver
and/or motivation and what is the purpose? There is some attraction in drawing artists into the web of intrigue which surrounds abstraction in art. It's clearly not apparent at first glance what the artist is on about or indeed if they have any clue as to what they are trying to achieve. It's almost like trying to explain the unexplainable.  There are so many words which could describe 
abstract art in an emotional capacity, like active and expressive; floating as it reaches its zenith; animated not inert; evocative; harmonious; explosive energy; flowing freedom, etc. Colours are an amazing trigger for different emotions, some evoke feelings of happiness, sadness, rage and peace. Black and white abstract photography can be just as powerful with lines and shapes, some light and thin, with others dark and bold.  So essentially there is something that comes out of nothing with no recognisable connection and comes alive with energy.  Colours placed side by side could suggest depth, while different positions in space could be excitement.  Abstract art with clues, such as a descriptive title could provide an easier understanding of the meaning which the artist is trying to convey or this too could be open ended, leaving the final analysis up to the viewer.

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