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Artist's Statement

My greatest pleasure is in evolving my art by experimentation with both IMPRESSIONIST and ABSTRACT photography with a smattering of everything in-between.  Whether it is with my camera or cellphone, I'm never bored.

The proposition of achieving a good result by moving the camera has intrigued me from day one, trying to create the not so picture perfect, sharp image.   my preference is to give it a twist and to be less "record like" with an artistic  flair.   

This being said, my imagination takes me to a different place where I want to view my photography through "impressions" and “abstractions” rather than absolutes.  

With both impressionism and abstract photography I use the camera as a tool, ‘my paintbrush’. My desire is to alter the context through the lens and create a different visual format.  

These two distinctly different styles are meant to provoke a thought or question through its visual content.


It's a constant journey of discovery which is never boring.

Artist's CV

Diane has been the President of the North Shore Photographic Society since 2019 and the Chair of the North Shore National Salon of Photography.  She worked as the Arts Coordinator for the Waitakere Central Community Arts Council in Henderson for 7 years which included managing two large exhibitions annually. 


In conjunction with her husband they have also developed an online event management software package (Appworx), which includes all the tools required for the delivery and execution of exhibitions.  


Her enjoyment is photography in an off beat and contemporary style and all her exhibitions and workshops have been around this style.  She is currently attending drawing classes as part of her personal artistic journey.



  • 2010 Emotions with David Collier

  • 2015 Leaving Reality with Murray Noble

  • 2016 Home and About Boundaries with Murray Noble

  • 2017 Shifting Identities with Murray Noble

  • 2018 In a New Light with Murray Noble

  • 2019 Deconstructing Photography with Murray Noble

  • 2020 Boundaries with fotofellas + (Roger Brown, Trevor Bayly and Murray Noble)



  • Diane has conducted workshops in Nelson in 2014 on Impressionistic Styles;

  • was a guest speaker at the Creative Photographic Indulgence Workshop on the Tweed Coast in Australia in 2014;  

  • ran the Abstract and Mixed Media Workshop on Waiheke Island in 2015 with Ken Ball and Murray Noble;

  • was part of a team of three who held the Pushing Boundaries Photomedia Workshop in 2016 tutoring Abstract and Impressionism;

  • another Pushing Boundaries workshop in Akaroa on Abstract photography with Ken Ball, Wendy Verity and Murray Noble in October 2017 and

  • Labour weekend 2018 on Waiheke Island with the same group.  

  • St Michael's Church at the Corban Estate Arts Centre in 2019 with Murray Noble, Wendy Verity, Ken Ball (via online), Guest Speakers John Pirtle and
    Deb Young and Frank Diaz.  With emerging scholarship winner Leonie Moreland


Workshops cover theory and practice, giving a chance to learn the fundamentals and then get out there and test your learning; finishing with how to use editing to enhance your work.


Judging Diane judges at club and national level and has done for a number of years.


Books She has produced six books,  three on Impressionism,  two on Abstract photography and the latest on Fauvism in photography.

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